Bender PMII, MSR, MSR2, Sako, Steiner M5Xi, TRG, TRG A1 -

  Sako TRG is one of global icons in precision rifle word. It has been in production for a long time already, serving as crown jewel in Sako's inventory. Starting point for revised version was therefore very good - but at the same time very challenging: how to improve well selling product which is already very good? With A1, case might be more about reaching broader user base than urgent need to update product getting obsolete. Polymer stock version TRG 22/42 remains in production and is still excellent rifle for various types of shooting - for almost any use where...

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Sako, TRG, TRG A1 -

  Sako TRG on eräs moderneiden tarkkuuskivääreiden globaaleista ikoneista. Kivääri on ollut tuotannossa pitkään ja palvellut hyvin Sakon kiväärimalliston kruununjalokivenä. Lähtökohta uudelle versiolle oli siis hyvä, mutta samalla haastava: miten parantaa jo valmiiksi erinomaista tuotetta? A1 kohdalla kuitenkin kysymys on ehkä enemmän laajemman käyttäjäkunnan tavoittamisesta, kun vanhentuneen aseen nykyaikaistamisesta. Polymeeritukkinen TRG versio on edelleen erittäin toimiva ase, lähes kaikenlaiseen käyttöön missä ylipäätään tarkkoja kivääreitä tarvitaan. FinnAccuracyllä on ollut käytössään TRG- kivääreitä niiden markkinoilletulon alusta asti. Asemalli on siten enemmän kuin tuttu ja olikin mielenkiintoista nähdä kiväärin muuttuminen viimeisimmän päivityksen myötä. A1 muutos on aseen mallihistorian näkyvin koska ulkokuori muuttui modernin...

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bipod, Sako, TRG -

Original Sako TRG bipod was not copied by several aftermarket companies for no reason. It is simply very good for various types of field shooting. How ever- due to wear&tear, perhaps changes in tolerances too, some are not as good as they could be if slight resistance with tilt is preferred.Sako uses 2pcs of flat spacers to fill empty space between bipod pedestal and leg parts. These spacers are not completely flat, but in fact slightly cup-shaped, hardened spring washers.Sako TRG bipod tilting related parts are hardened steel, so modifying it with for instance by drilled/tapped hole is very difficult...

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binocular, LRF, MSR, MSR2, Steiner -

Steiner joined rifescope business rather recently, about 10 years ago. Very first 5-25 scope was made straight to fiercely competed military scope class, a elite league where product has to truly perform in all aspects. Steiner had possibility to take sort of short-cut as existing military binocular manufacturer, but instant success was still somewhat big surprise to many- maybe even to Steiner themselves. More than likely such stunt could not have ended successfully without continuous optics production since 1947, particularly without decades of military-class binocular production and development. Steiner's best known products, 8x30 and 7x50 has been long time a...

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LRF, Terrapin, Vectronix -

After very long wait, we were finally able to test new TerrapinX properly- with practical size shooting target. Disclaimer - as usually, we do apologize following article typos and even errors in advance. This too is written in rush between thousand other things going on and English is not our native language. Bear with us please. Terrapin X was already promising during previous day testing, test done in open field with barns, wood line and windmills. Terrapin went up to 2390m without too much effort (see vid in end), even in rather challenging light conditions: sun was behind and relatively...

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