Payment, shipping & taxes

Payment and shipping information

  1. All purchases must be fully paid in advance prior to shipping.
  2. Shipping and payment terms is EXW.
  3. Currently only method of payment is bank transfer. We do not accept credit cards, paypal etc.
  4. Typical shipping costs per scope:
    Finland: 20€,
    Sweden: 35-40€,
    Norway: 50€ (+export processing fee)
    Central Europe: 40-60€
    USA: 60-80€ (+export processing fee)

Shipping costs + possible export processing fees outside Europe are always quoted separately to you.

Prices, taxes and export price

All the prices listed on our site are in EUR. You see two prices on our webshop products.

Normal prices with VAT24%. These are including local value added tax / sales tax 24%. These prices are valid to all our Customers with delivery address in European Union VAT zone. No export processing fees apply, only shipping cost.

VAT 0% prices are without tax. These prices are applicable to:
1. Customers with delivery address outside Europen VAT zone (e.g. Norway, USA). Export processing fees + shipping costs are added.
2. Companies with valid EU VAT ID. No export processing fees apply, only shipping cost.

If this sounds complex, do not be puzzled. Just contact us and we're happy sort it out for you.