Bulletseeker Mach 4

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Bulletseeker Mach 4, markkinoiden edistynein lähtönopeustutka. Made in EU. Ylivoimainen toimintataajuus 120GHz - integroitu SIR tutkasiru. Mahdollistaa mittaamisen jopa tunneleissa ja sisäradoilla. Selkeä applikaation käyttöliittymä. Puhuu edellisen laukauksen nopeuden ääneen, ei tarvetta katsoa näyttöä laukauksien välissä. Erittäin kompakti - pitkä toiminta-aika.


Currently, the most advanced ballistic radar for measuring missile velocity is based on the Hi-Tech SIR chip operating at 120 GHz.

The high frequency, many times the frequency of competing products, allows for more reliable and accurate projectile detection, and Bulletseekers do not have a problem even with bulk shot missiles. Thanks to its compact design, it can be mounted on a weapon and innovative technology allows it to be used in tunnel shooting ranges, where other products fail.

  • Radio working band 120 GHz
  • Weight only 190g
  • No need to set the measurement direction
  • Measurable speed up to 1200 m/s
  • Connection to a mobile phone
  • Development, production and support in Europe
  • Operating time up to 6 hours