Schmidt & Bender 1.1-4x20 PMII ShortDot FD 1.BE CQB 1cm cw ST LT/ST LT LL

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The 1.1-4x20 PM II ShortDot model is a combination of a red dot sight and a scope. It has been developed for the use at short and medium distances. With a low magnification the Short-Dot may be used like a red dot sight. The red target dot is mirrored in the center of the reticle. Turned off the illuminated dot vanishes completely leaving the user with a normal reticle. The illuminating unit offers 5 illumination stages for the use in broad daylight. The red dot remains visible, even on snow or sand or in bright sunlight. The use in poor lighting conditions provides for 3 illuminated stages, while another 3 three stages permit the use in combination with night-vision goggles. An automatic locking function is used to secure elevation and windage as well as the illuminating unit against any involuntary adjustment.