Steiner 2018 - New LRF 8x30R 1535nm laser range finder with +6000m measuring distance

Steiner 2018 - New LRF 8x30R 1535nm laser range finder with +6000m measuring distance

New for 2018 - Steiner's contribution to extreme range eye-safe laser class.

Video pretty much explains itself. Except that it was damn cold and fingers were frozen.. Not too fancy editing unfortunately, or typical Youtube filling babble- but performance should still be presented reasonably well.

Maximum measuring distance was limited by distant haze - which was actually laser-reflecting snow/ice in air around windmill park area. As with any long range laser, good support always helps. In normal clear weather better performance can be achieved without tripod. Few times ranging required more than one press because of both haze and tripod shaking in wind.

This binocular just came in, but is already my personal favorite! Optically very good binocular with excellent mrad reticle AND very capable laser simply works extremely well for many purposes. General observing, reticle milling (limited to magnification) or ranging up to extremely long ranges - all can all be done with one compact system which is also rugged accordingly mil-specifications.

Binocular also supports separate Bluetooth module. Measured distance can be sent wirelessly to some external devices, as Kestrel Elite with AB application. BT communication protocol is Kestrel LiNK.

Binocular is available in our webshop -ready for shipping.

Longest measurement


Hope you enjoy the wind! We didn't!


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    Top pour connexion avec KESTREL5700
    Cordialement michelPOP-CENIC

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